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WHAT IS DogSure?

DOGSURE is an insurance product designed to cover the unexpected veterinary costs that dogs kept as pets may incur as the result of illness or injury. DOGSURE is underwritten by RENASA INSURANCE COMPANY LTD. and managed by PET UNDERWRITING MANAGING AGENCY PTY LTD (P.UMA). In return for paying your premium, RENASA INSURANCE COMPANY LTD. will cover the dog named in the overleaf policy schedule for the cost of fees incurred as the result of veterinary treatments for illness and injury.


Any dog older than 8 weeks and younger than 8 years that is kept as a household pet in the RSA. The dog must have all vaccinations up to date at the time of joining.

Pet insurance


● There is an excess fee of 10% for every claim with a minimum of R200 per claim that you must pay.
● All non-emergency treatments must be pre-authorised by P.UMA.
● You agree to disclose all information relating to the pets health and condition at the time of signing up for cover. Failure to do so could result in cancellation of your policy due to-non disclosure.
● You must notify P.UMA of any emergency treatments within 72 hours of the event. All non-emergency treatments are subject to pre-approval before the treatment is undertaken.
● All claims must be submitted to P.UMA within 30 days of the date of treatment.
P.UMA pays claims in accordance with the South African Veterinary Councils Guideline of Tariffs and reserves the right to request a second opinion from a vet of our choice regarding treatment and fees charged. If the fees are deemed excessive or the treatment deemed inappropriate we will pay the lesser amount with the balance being for your account.
P.UMA reserves the right to refuse payment for repeated treatments if they are, under advice, deemed as ineffective or likely to cause the dog undue distress.
● As the person responsible for the dog it is expected that you will undertake to maintain your dog’s health and take all reasonable steps to prevent injury and illness. Failure to do so may result in rejection of claims and/or the cancellation of this policy.


DOGSURE covers the cost of veterinary treatments required to appropriately treat illness or injuries that the insured dog may suffer. The treatments covered include, but are not limited to, consultations, investigations, surgery and medication (including chronic treatments) and any required hospital stay as approved by P.UMA
Rehabilitation, chronic treatments, chemotherapies and radiotherapies are covered subject to a detailed treatment plan being submitted and pre-approved by P.UMA.


● Any costs other than the costs of veterinary treatments for the pet listed on the policy. Your pet is covered for all appropriate veterinary and surgical treatment where the pet presents clinical signs and symptoms necessitating treatment.
● The costs for the treatment of any illness within the first 30 days of joining DOGSURE. Emergency injuries and trauma will be covered from the date of inception.
● The costs for any treatments for injuries and illness incurred outside of the Republic of South Africa.
● Any non-emergency scheduled treatment, investigation or surgery undertaken without the prior approval of P.UMA.
● Any injury caused by abuse or negligence. We will report all abuse to the SPCA.
● Treatments for chronic conditions in the first 12 months of cover, thereafter chronic medication will be subsidized subject to an agreed treatment plan.
● Any complementary treatments, experimental treatments or any treatments not forming part of mainstream veterinary science.
● The treatment of pre-existing conditions where the condition is evident before the first 30 days of cover has passed.
● The treatment of behavioural disorders.
● Any routine care such as vaccinations, dental scale and polish, anal gland expression, de-worming, grooming, tick and flea control or any food costs.
● Any elective or cosmetic treatments or complications resulting from such treatments.
● Any treatments in connection with fertility and breeding such as sterilisation, artificial insemination, mating and birthing.
● House calls, after-hours consultation or hospitalisation unless a vet confirms it as necessary in terms of the pet’s health.
● Any surgical items that can be used more than once.
● Any prosthesis, implants or transplantation unless explicitly approved by P.UMA.
● We do not cover any costs after death, including post mortem examinations and cremation or burial.
● We will under no circumstance pay for any treatment by person/s not registered as veterinary surgeons.
● We do not under any circumstance cover euthanasia. We will assist in obtaining shelter and care for any unwanted pets.


(This is your statutory notice- Please read carefully)

DO NOT BE PRESSURED INTO BUYING THIS PET INSURANCE POLICY You are entitled to cancel your contract within 14 days after inception should the product not meet your requirements. Thereafter you have the right to cancel this policy by giving 30 days notice.

Do not sign any blank or partially completed application forms and please keep notes of anything said to you regarding your insurance You are entitled to a copy of all documentation relating to this insurance FREE of charge.

You must be informed in writing if any changes are made to this contract and your policy cannot be cancelled unless a written confirmation is sent to you.

You have the right to know all fees and premiums applicable to this insurance contract.

All premiums are collected by debit order to your account, please make sure that you are being debited correctly.

If a claim is rejected, you must be given the reasons in writing.

Please make sure that all the information you supply has been recorded correctly. Any misrepresentation or incorrect information can prejudice you in the event of a claim.


Company: Flagstone Risk Consultants
Postal Address: Postnet Suit 69, Private Bag X18, Milnerton 7435
Physical Address: Unit 1, The Catacombs, Century Boulevard, Century City
Contact details: 021 551 4447
Fax: 088 021 5514448
Email: admin@dogsure.co.za
Registration No: CK2007/031107/23

Authorised Financial Service Provider FSP No. 30231

Compliance Officer: Masthead Masthead Distribution Services (Pty) Ltd
Postal address: PO Box 856, Howard Place, 7450.
Phone: 021 686 3588
Fax: 021 686 3589(f)


Company: Pet Underwriting Managing Agency (Pty) Ltd.
Postal Address: PO Box 6604, Roggebaai, Cape Town, 8012
Physical Address: 7 Walter Sisulu Avenue, 14th Floor, Metropolitan Building, Cape Town, 8000
Contact details: 021 403 9177
Fax: 086 691 4723
Email: info@p-uma.co.za
Registration No: 2011/107009/07
VAT Number: 4280260425

Authorised Financial Service Provider FSP No. 44387

Craig Ormrod, Associated Compliance (Pty)Ltd, PO Box 9655, Devon Valley
Tel – 011 678 2533 Fax – 011 678 7731
Earnings: P.UMA earns a fee of 10% of premium and a profit share is in place. Both are paid by the insurer.
Please note that P.UMA earns more than 30% of its income via Renasa Insurance Company Ltd


Company: Renasa Insurance Company Ltd
Postal Address: P.O. Box 412072, Craighall, Johannesburg, 2024
Contact details: 011 380 3080
Fax: 011 380 3088
Email: danies@RENASA.co.za
Registration No: 1998/000916/06
VAT Number: 4290173253
Authorised Financial Service Provider FSP No. 15491

The above parties are all fully licensed to practice short term Insurance in regards of personal and commercial Lines.
P.UMA are Renasa Insurance Company Limited’s underwriting manager for pet insurance and have a written mandate to conduct business.
There is no direct financial interest between the companies.
P.UMA carry Professional Indemnity Insurance as well as Fidelity Guarantee cover. A financial guarantee is not required.
If any of the parties act unprofessionally please report to their respective Compliance Officer.
Please make sure that all the information you supply has been recorded correctly. Any misrepresentation or incorrect info can prejudice you in the event of a claim.
Should you have a complaint about your Insurance and the Insurer/Broker and Underwriting manager are unable to satisfy your enquiry, you may approach the following parties.

Ombudsman Detail – Responsible for Compliance matters

FAIS Ombud
Address: P.O. Box 74571, Lynwood ridge, 0040
Tel: (012) 470 9080
Fax: (012) 348 3447

Short-Term Insurance Ombudsman – Responsible for Insurance matters

Address: P.O. Box 32334, Braamfontein, 2017
Tel: (011) 726 8900
Fax: (011) 726 5501


Should you suspect any fraudulent activity involving your insurance, please contact Fraudline on 0860002526.